jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Anthrax, otro de los Big Four

Hoy escucharemos un clásico: Madhouse de Anthrax. Lo mejor del video es el chascón bigotudo con un mini-me, pone unas caras de loco bacanes. También son notables los peinados ochenteros de los locos de relleno. Yo creo que lo deben haber pasado la raja haciendo este video, saltando, haciendo desorden y poniendo cara de locos. Yo lo hubiera pasado increíble.

Menos palabras y más acción. Disfrútenlo.

Anthrax Madhouse Lyrics (http://www.sing365.com/)

Songwriters: Benante, Charles; Spitz, Dan; Bello, Frank; Rosenfeld, Scott; Bellardini, Joe

It's time for your medication, Mr. Brown

White coats define me, out of control
I live alone inside my mind
World of confusion, air filled with noise
Who says that my life's such a crime?

Trapped, in this nightmare
I wish I'd wake
As my whole life begins to shake
Four walls, surround me
An empty gaze
I can't find my way out of this maze

'Cause I don't care
Fall in, fall out
Gone without a doubt, help me
I can't take the blame
They don't feel the shame

It's a Madhouse
Or so they claim
It's a Madhouse
Oh, am I insane?

My fears behind me, what can I do
My dreams haunt my sleep at night
Oh no, won't learn their lesson, white fills my eyes
And only then they see the light

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